VeraLED T8 LED Tube Savings Calculator

Would you like to know how much you can save by converting from high wattage fluorescent lamps to energy efficient LED Tubes while eliminating the disposal costs of hazardous waste?

Consider all the following ways you can save by using LED T8 Tubes!

  • Savings from the electricity used to power the lamps
  • Savings from air conditioning to remove the heat created by the fluorescent lamps
  • Savings from frequent replacement of the lamps due to shorter lamp life
  • Savings from ballast failure replacement and wasted efficiency
  • Savings from required proper disposal of the fluorescent  lamps (mercury, lead)
  • Savings for the environment (excess CO2 generated, landfill contamination)

Do your own analysis with the LED Tube Cost Savings Calculator to determine your savings from converting fluorescent lamps to energy saving VeraLED T8 LED Tubes over a 10 year period. Simply insert your own data in the applicable fields and:


See How Much You Can Save With LED T8 Tubes!

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